How can we use design to prioritize human interaction and spend less time on our screens?

Idea in Brief

  • Users should be given control of how much screen time or application experience they want to consume. However, many services don’t give that choice using addictive technologies like endless newsfeed or autoplay.
  • When adopting technology to new mediums, it’s vital that we keep two things in mind. One: Are we creating technology for technology’s sake…

Ideas from Deloitte: How the next generation digital workplace will leverage technology to create personalized experiences for workers.

Written by Greg Vert, Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting.

If there’s a silver lining to be found amid the devastation of the global pandemic it might be the way it’s snapped everyone’s priorities into sharp focus. From a business perspective, the boundaries between work and life have disintegrated for virtual workers, and frontline workers are busier than ever. Organizations need to respond by reimagining the way they support and empower their workforces using technology.

Thankfully, this urgent need to evolve workforce experiences coincides with the continued evolution and availability of AI solutions, presenting opportunities to make renewed investments in well-being…

Some of the more persistent myths about conversational AI

Idea in Brief

Conversational AI represents a vast, emergent set of technologies obscured by layers of hype and misinformation. Here are some common myths:

  • Conversational AI is just talking to machines.
  • Business-minded people know enough to pick the best conversational AI platforms
  • Conversational AI is an Add-On.
  • Pre-trained bots are less work.
  • You should start big.
  • Automating current workflows is optimal
  • Phones are outdated and irrelevant
  • You need to hire a conversational AI expert.
  • You can get to the next level with the system you already have.
  • There is one platform to rule them all.
  • This is like any other software buildout.
  • You…

UX Magazine contributing editor Josh Tyson and his beloved coffee grinder.

Wherein a broken coffee grinder provides lessons in empathy.

Making a pot of coffee is one of my favorite morning rituals. After assembling my AeroPress, I set the kettle on and push the start button on my trusty Cuisinart burr grinder. It was a hand-me-down from a friend, so I’ve always had a soft spot for the device, but recently it endeared itself to me even more.

How? By not working properly.

Once or twice a month, when I press the start button, it makes one belabored turn and then stops. I’ve discovered that if I hold down the…

Microsoft 365’s new workplace analytics join a handful of invasive surveillance apps, trading trust for a potential boost in productivity.

Written by Josh Tyson

Listen to the article:

Along with every other aspect of daily existence, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the experience of work, with scores of employees all over the world completing daily duties in their home offices (or at their kitchen counters).

According to Nicholas Bloom, Professor of Economics in Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences, 42% of the American labor force is now working from home full-time. This undoubtedly poses challenges for businesses in terms of charting productivity, but the news on that front has been encouraging.

A Mercer survey of 800 businesses found that…

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